Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Surface design for gift - Hallmark

My surface design for gift was a live assignment for hallmark. One of the design team members came into uni and gave us our brief and a selection of trends to choose from. I chosen the secret garden theme.
I gathered lots of research and took many photographs.
Mood Board
Visual Board
I started off by doing a sketchbook full of visual drawings linked to my theme, below I have selected a few of my pages from my sketchbook.

 I then scanned my drawings into the computer and created a large variety of gift wraps, cards and tags. I really enjoyed messing around with colour, effects and size while working on photoshop. I created five development boards from all the different cards, tags and wrap etc. that I had made.
Here are two of my development boards... 
From my development I selected the ones I thought worked the best and recreated them for finals. I wanted my collection to be very bright and vibrant and have a variety of different contrasting colours.
Here are my three boards showing my final collection... 
Over all I think my collection works well and I enjoyed designing all the bits and bobs for gift. One thing is that I wish i'd of had a little longer to do it because I would of loved to develop them even further and made my one  big collection into lots of little more focused collections.

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