Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Surface design for fashion - preditor kitsch

My Second Project in Second year was surface design for fashion (Embroidery)
I based my work on a trend called Preditor Kitsch. Preditor Kitsch is a trend based on wild animals and different animal prints but made to look different and quirky.
For this assignment I designed to work on Vest Top shapes. I started off by collecting as much research as possible on my chosen theme then began creating drawing sheets from them. From my drawing sheets I created some designs. I then choose three of them to create as finals.

Here are my final three...

I created this first Vest design in patchwork effect. I cut out my drawings and laid them on top of each other to create this unusual layered design. I have used a variety of different techniques and fabrics while creating this design. I wanted to achieve a textured effect.


To create this second design I just recreated one of my drawing sheets onto fabric. This is my favourite design because I think the scale of it works well on the top shape. I feel the embroidery works well on the dyed background and the pieces of devore velvet appliqued on resemble the tigers stripes well.

I created my third design in a different way again. I wanted to create a inky background so I used manutex pull through. I created each part of this design seperately using mixtures of hand and machine embroidery and applique. I then appliqued each part on.

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