Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final samples for Roma

Following on from my previous post.. 

From my drawing sheets I created a variety of different layouts for furnishing fabrics.
To the left is my final painted out design. I chose this design because I felt it worked best for my theme and because its such a busy design it stood out against all my other layouts.

I choose these colours because they are bright and suit my theme and stand out against the black background.

Here is my final design printed onto fabric. I created it on black heavy cotton. I found it quite difficult printing onto such a dark background at first and my colours weren't coming out as vibrant as I liked. I then decided to use pigments with Opaque binder. This worked really well so I decided this was the best way to print my Final Design.

Aswell as doing a printed sample in the same colours as my painted out design I created several other prints in different colourways,
While doing this I wanted to experiment with different dyes to see what different effects I could create. I found it very interesting seeing how my design looked on totally different fabrics with different dyes and colours.
Here are two samples from my additional colour way prints:

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