Thursday, 23 February 2012

Final Major Project continued...

Still on with my FMP! This week I decided it was time to get in the print rooms!
On Monday I decided to start dying fabric for my first design and by wed I had printed a potential final sample.
Here is some of the photos I have taken of my progress in the print rooms so far...
Print equipment at the ready

Sampling backgrounds

Creating my background for the final print

Koda Trace

Print sampling
Potential Final no.1

Sunday, 19 February 2012


This week I had a short trip to Paris. On Wednesday I visited Premier Vision - Indigo. My 'Jardin de Fluers'  and 'Natural Pattern' printed fashion fabrics exhibited there, along with other students work on the Cleveland College of Art & Design Stand.

CCAD Stand At Indigo

CCAD Stand - Some of my prints are laid on the table
I decided to visited the show one; because I think it is really inspirational to walk around and see all the prints and embelished fabric samples other studios have produced, but also to gather contacts and speak to studios about internships. To do this I made myself a small press pack which included a creative CV, my Buisness card and a disc with examples of my work on it along with my full CV.

My collection of press packs - Ready to hand out
When I first arrived I collected my pass along with other leaflets and a Map to help me natigate around the show and see which Design Studio's were exhibiting.

Leaflets and Guides I picked up around the show
Once I was in Indigo I began handing out my press packs to companies that caught my eye, and that I could relate myself to because of certain prints and designs. I found it quite daunting at first walking up to stands because I didnt want to feel as though I was interfiering, but I soon got use to it as most Studios were really friendly and gave me good feedback, most of the studios gave me buisness cards and told me to get intouch with them.
I feel my day at Premier Vision was really successful. I was really inspired and influenced by the work that I saw. From coming back to Paris and visting the show for my second time I have gained more experience and a better understanding of how Design Shows work. From viewing other studios work it has given me so many ideas of how I could design and create future prints.

Excited to go into Premier Vision

Me and Jen

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


After emailing several companies and asking them kindly to sponsor me throughout my final major project I was very happy when 'Fast Colours' agreed to it.
'Fast Colours' specialises in quality dyes, and through a few emails and a phone call I was able to explain to them exactly what my project was about and how I wanted my final prints to be. The man that I spoke to (Rob) was extremely helpful and offered me some sample dyes free of charge and even advised me on which colours he thought would work best, going from the information I gave him about what I wanted the outcome to be.

The colours I picked to sample are very bright colours, some luminous! I think they will work great in contract with other not so bright colours to create my textured yet detailed prints.
I can't wait to try them when I get in the print rooms in the next few weeks!

Stylised drawing

For one of my drawing sheets I wanted to make it more stylised so I created a drawing set using various objects relating to my theme and copied it onto paper using different media and techniques...


Drawing Set

I feel that this does work well and looks effective, I am interested to see how it works when I develop it and if successfull will definately try some more stylised drawing sets.

More drawings from FMP..

Here is a few more drawing sheets I have created to work from for my FMP..
Again I have used a variety of different media and compositions to make them visually exciting.