Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First year Surface design for Fashion - Embroidery

For my first year 'surface design for fashion' project I had to create 3 Embroidered Gament shapes.
I decided to use the dress garment shape and I based my embroidery mainly on florals.
To create my Dress Designs I photo copied my drawing sheets and put together some placements. I really focused on how to place the imagery on the dress shapes so they they worked together as a collection.

Here are my 3 Final Embroidered Dress Designs...

On this first design I used imagery of 2 birds I linked them together with 2 flowers and a stem with leaves on. I used a mixture of machine and hand embroidery as well as applique. Im quite happy with the result of this design appart from the slight puckering.

On this next dress design I kept the imagery just of flowers and created a flow from the top of the dress to the bottom. I used a variety of different size and coloured flowers to give the dress a bright summery feel. I also used a varity of different embroidery techniques to make the dress look more textured instead of being flat.


On the 3rd Dress design again I used just floral imagery. I focused the detail on the bottom right hand corner of the dress and made it flow towards the middle. Once again i used a variety of different embroidery techniques and appliqued pieces of dyed fabric on.


 Overal I am happy with my dress designs and think they work well as a collection. Obviously These designs are for University work purposes only because I would not be able to sell designs seperately with the same images used on them. 

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