Saturday, 14 January 2012

Final Major Project continued...

I am now part way through my FMP, currently doing my drawing sheets. I aim to make my drawing sheets eye catching so that they stand out, I want them bright and vibrant with some with textured backgrounds to reflect my theme. I have been drawing from real fruit and veg and flowers, as well as my own photographs.

My Bay


Fashion Research

Above is some of the research I have up in my bay that I look at for inspiration while drawing and will be looking at for when I start developing.

Before I started my drawing sheets I created a Mood Board by picking out certain images that reflected my theme. I also chose specific fashion research that inspired me and created a Fashion board.

Mood Board

Fashion Board

To create some of my backgrounds for my drawing sheets I mixed up vibrant colours using procion and acid dyes and poured, splattered and rolled the colours on the pages.

Mixed up dyes

One of my bright backgrounds

Here are some of the drawings I have created so far...

I went a little crazy with printing the grapefruit,
Lovely textures though!

Close ups of a couple
of flowers

Mixtures of fruit
and veg

More close ups &
mixed media busy
sheet -->
unfinished sheet above
& close up of abstract
<-- flower painting

Feel free to leave comments of what you think of my project so far, I will keep adding things as I do them to show my design process.

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