Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Minor Project: 'Natural Pattern'

So now I'm in my final year of University and have just completed my minor project and getting ready to move onto my Final Major!!
For my Minor Project I did a lot of research to see what trends were about. I knew I wanted to design for Autumn/Winter 2012 but couldn't narrow down to just one trend so I looked at a few and made them my own. I called it 'Natural Pattern'
I named it this because I wanted to look at Natural things such as Insects, Sea Creatures, shells etc. I wanted to focus mainly on the pattern each thing. For my Research I visited Flamingo land Zoo, Sea Life Centre and Blue Reef Aquarium.

Mood Board

Fashion Research Board and Colour Board

Once I was happy with my theme and my concept boards I began drawing.
Here are my drawing sheets that I created for this project...

Once I was happy with my drawing sheets I moved onto my development. I started off by photo copying my drawing sheets, I experimented with different scale. I then began creating various layouts using the photo copies and making them into repeats, multi directional designs and placement designs. Instead of using my imagery as single images I wanted to cut out the shapes and patterns from them to create more patterned designs rather than have a single image repeated.
Below are two of the designs that I chose to take through into print...

Final layouts and Koda Trace

Final layouts and Koda trace
I created a development book to put all my samples in so that I could see what worked and what didn't work. This helped me see how I wanted my final designs to be.
Pages from Development book...

Once I had experimented with colours different fabrics I had a good idea of how my finals samples were going to look.
As well as doing screen prints I wanted to do digital print.
Here is my final collection...

 Here is my product board it shows how I would visualise catwalk models wearing my prints..

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