Monday, 10 January 2011

First year - Introductory Surface Design

This is the first printing projects I did at CCAD in First year.
This assignment was all about experimenting with print. I created a koda layout of all different textures and shapes, taken from my drawing sheets. I then transfered the layout onto a Koda trace using different media, I  then exposed it to a screen.
 I layered the shapes from my screen on top of each other to create abstract prints.
Here is three of my final samples...

On this print i wanted to create a Stripe effect with quite pale colours for the background, I simply marked the stripes with masking tape and painted the dye onto the fabric. I then printed a striped texture over the top. For extra detail I added gold foil.

Again on this print I have Created a Striped effect, i have used a different range of colours colours. I think this one has a vintage feel about it.

In this print I have created a contrast with dark and light colours. I have used a variety of different shapes and marks from my screen and over layerd them to give the print more depth and texture.

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