Friday, 15 June 2012

No more University

After a very hectic 20weeks completing my FMP it is now complete, been handed in and marked.
Here is some images of my final collection that I haven't already posted..

All over repeat with placement over the top
screen printed with foil finish

Screen printed placement using discharge printing
foil finish

placement in 3 colours

floral placement using 2 colourways
tye dye fabric background

Digital design with screen printed placement over the top
2 colours - magenta & plain discharge

I also decided to sew some of my designs into dress shapes to help visualise them as a product rather than just some fabric...

All over repeated screen print in 3 colours

Screen printed placement in 3 colours

Floral flowing placement in 2 colourways

Digital design of water Lily's

Maxi dress using sublimation print

Feel free to leave any comments/feedback. Thankyou x

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